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Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management


Our policy is based on positive reinforcement and rewarding good behaviour.  All staff use the same reward and sanction systems so there is a clear and consistent approach.


Full copies of our Behaviour Management and Anti Bullying Policies are available from school. 


Parents and families are involved in celebrating good behaviour and are contacted to discuss inappropriate behaviour.  We welcome your support in maintaining the high standards we expect at Shakespeare Infants.


Our Golden Rules are:


  • Please stop and think


  • Please be a good and caring friend to one and all


  • Please use good manners


  • Please always try your best



Our one guiding principle, which incorporates all of these rules,

can be expressed simply as





The children are encouraged to apply this idea to how they behave towards other people in the school and its community; how they look after the building and how they use all the things we have in school.  We are guiding the children towards being responsible for their own actions and thinking for themselves.