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December 2014


We followed the guidance to reconstitute our governing body.  We now consist of head teacher, parent governors and co-opted governors.   We clarified our link governors roles and looked at how we could improve our knowledge through training opportunities.  Last week we had training on Support and Challenge of each other and the school leadership team.   Heather has done some SEN training. Our new constitution will give us the flexibility to find governors with skills we lack in future.

We examined the end of key stage 1 results for 2014 and the phonics test in year 1 for our school. The document is called as RAISEOnline and is one of the key documents OFSTED use to inspect the school. This document helps us to compare our children's achievement against other schools nationally.  Our school’s results are significantly above national results in all areas.

We are pleased with our school's results which show fantastic achievement across all areas of  reading, writing and mathematics.  We are very successful at closing the gap between our more vulnerable children and the rest of the cohort. We have found that our children whose first language is not English also achieve very well.  There is no significant difference between children born in the summer compared to in the winter. There is also no significant gender gap.

The Yr 1 phonic tests were also very good as these children are our current Year 2.  The data showed we have high achievers and all our children have passed if not at the first attempt (they resitl in Y2 if they do not achieve the pass mark in Y1).  It would be easy to dismiss the need to read a set of real and made up words as unnecessary., On the contrary this shows teachers how well they are coaching children to read their phonic sounds,  this  informs future lesson planning for reading and phonics. 

The children are enjoying the redesigned New National Curriculum and planned lessons.  Work with an educational consultant has really enhanced our curriculum..  We are pleased with the response to projects such as home learning and mini expos are well attended by parents.  We are thinking of ways to involve parents more in school and any ideas on a post card please!

We have noticed a fall in the number of our children who we know to be eligible for free school despite the universal meal offer. We wonder if this is due to the commencement of universal chool meals offer. Children who would have received free school measl entitlement anyway still benefit from funded school trips, free breakfast and clubs. This is because the school receives more finance to support children who come from these families.  We will put a link to the registration website off the schools website. The Office Team are always willing to help with this if necessary.  Governors asked school to once again send information to parents regarding this.


Written by Heather Mballa