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December 2017

12th December 2017

We began our meeting by electing and welcoming David Medway as our new Vice-Chair.


Our first point of business was to review and update the Governing Body Action Plan, which highlights the training which governors undertake and any key areas for improvement.


Mrs Skinner presented her head teachers report, which is written against the four key improvement areas, as detailed in the School Improvement Plan. Skinner then introduced the new Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR). The front page highlighted the key messages from the data, notably – in 2017, attainment in all subjects was above average and in the highest 10% for all pupils. Writing attainment of the expected standard was at or above national for the disadvantaged group and a very large majority of pupils (94%) met the phonics expected standard in year 1.


The Governors were very impressed with the data, and commented on how well we do against national figures.

We also looked at the Analyse school performance document, (which replaces the old Raise document). Data was looked at and discussed.

In light of parental responses to homework in the annual questionnaire the school has introduced Purple Mash, an online resource for primary children which parents can access for free. Mrs Kesterson gave a quick tour of this resource, focusing on ways it is already being used in each year group. We also looked at the other new resource - My Maths which focuses on specific curriculum linked maths. Governors discussed the benefits of these online resources and again it was highlighted that we will be running lunchtime clubs for those children not able to access at home, as well as providing paper based copies if asked for. These resources are also being used in class.


Both committees then reported what had been discussed and any questions were answered.


We reviewed governor training that had been received and discussed what had been booked. All governors have completed the Prevent training as part of safeguarding throughout the school.

Clare Newton continued discussing the two reports provided about SEN children and LAC and the governors passed on their thanks to Mrs Upton Jones for these. It was also noted how well our SEND children are doing thanks to the hard work from everybody in the school.


Meeting Closed at 8.50 pm