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School Health Service

The School has a link School Nurse, Doctor and Dentist. Parents and families are kept suitably advised.  Every child has a health interview with the school nurse in the term after they are 5 years old - parents are invited to attend.



If your child is taking regular medication, has an allergy or any other on-going health or welfare problem, please tell both the teacher and office.  This will help us to support your child. 


If your child needs medication please inform the teacher and office.  Medication, clearly labelled with the child’s name and dose, should be handed to the office.  We are happy to administer ESSENTIAL (prescription only) medication.  We log all dosages and are happy to liaise with parents regarding medication.


Asthma Policy

Asthma affects many children and we are aware of the discomfort and severity of the disease. Parents of children with asthma need to complete an asthma card available from the office. This provides the necessary details about your child’s condition.


Children with inhalers need to keep a named, full inhaler in their classroom. This allows immediate access to medication as required. Any tablet medication needs to be kept at the office as with all medications and will be administered by a qualified first aider and noted in our medication file.


Whilst we have fully qualified first aiders always on site we are not trained medics. In the event of an asthma attack we would call an ambulance, contact parents and administer appropriate first aid.


Our full asthma policy is in the appendices.


Sickness and Accidents at School

If your child is feeling poorly or has a minor accident at school, first aid is administered by fully trained staff.  A record is kept of all accidents and the first aid applied and a slip will be sent home.


Contact Numbers

It is important that we have up-to-date contact numbers in case of emergency, or if your child or children have been taken poorly.  If you are unavailable in an emergency, the Head Teacher or a member of staff the child knows will call an ambulance and accompany your child to hospital.



If your child is away from school for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.  In the case of illness a phone call will suffice.  However, should your child require leave of absence for a holiday, please collect a holiday form from the office BEFORE the holiday. Absences and late arrivals are carefully monitored.  A late arrival after 9.15 am is considered to be an unauthorised absence.  Registers are monitored weekly and letters sent home regarding any unauthorised absences.


Please note that no leave of absence (eg holiday request) is authorised during the 1st half of the Autumn term, and April, May, June (Y2 children). If a child’s attendance is below 90% leave of absence is unauthorised. Full policy is on the website.


Drink To Think

Research clearly shows the great benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. It aids learning, concentration and reduces headaches and hyperactivity often associated with drinking high levels of sweet/acidic flavoured drinks.


We provide each child with a plastic bottle (free of charge) to have unlimited access to fresh water throughout the school day. The bottles are clearly labelled with each child’s name. The bottles need to be taken home at the end of each day and washed thoroughly. During the day the children will be responsible for their own bottle and will fill it up as necessary. If bottles are lost then new ones and / or lids can be purchased from school office.


Children who bring in packed lunches do not need to bring in an extra drink unless it is water. This is the same as the children having a school lunch. All children have water at lunchtime (as well as throughout the day) and staff check to ensure that all children drink water at lunchtime (and throughout the day).


Morning Break and Free Fruit Scheme

The morning break lasts for 15 minutes and is an opportunity for children to use the toilet, socialise, play and have a drink of water. We are part of the free fruit in school scheme thus enabling children to have a fruit (free) each morning.



Children under 5 are entitled to free milk. If your child is five or over milk is available at a small cost.