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Partnership between home, school and governors is maintained and developed through:

  • Parents are able to talk informally with staff at the beginning and end of the day.


  • Parents are free to make appointments to meet with staff more confidentially at a mutually convenient time.


  • Twice yearly parent-teacher evenings.


  • Parents are actively encouraged to help in the classroom or school in general.


  • Pre-school liaison and induction programme – including a range of induction / welcome meetings.


  • Approachable staff who readily contact parents if it is necessary.


  • Parents’ notice-boards in reception and outside each classroom.


  • Weekly, informative newsletters.
  • Excellent website with all the latest letters and information


  • Theme booklets to allow you to get involved in class work.


  • SHINE fund-raising group involving parents, staff and Governors.


  • Slips for written communication, held in the reception area.


  • Annual diary of school events to join in with.


  • Welcome to Year 1 and 2 meetings in the Summer and Autumn term.


Children will be taught skills which develop their full potential in:


  • Foundation subjects of the National Curriculum and scientific investigations.


  • Keeping themselves healthy and safe.


  • Forming and sustaining relationships with peers and adults.


  • Self-esteem.


  • Individuality.


  • Independence.


  • Understanding equal opportunities-including rights, respect and responsibilities.


  • Managing their own behaviour; encouraged through reinforcement of appropriate behaviour.