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IMPACT of P.E funding allocation


Shakespeare Infant School

PE Newsletter


At Shakespeare Infant school we believe that all children are entitled to benefit from high quality PE provision. Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to be enjoyed.



The government’s additional Sport Premium funding has been vital to review and improve our curriculum. We have used the funding to hire specialist coaches to work alongside teachers to deliver engaging PE sessions across the whole curriculum.



Our amazing all weather surface which we used some of our Sport Premium funding for last year is continuing to be a great success. It has increased the space available for PE and sporting activities throughout the year which has had a huge impact on all the children’s healthy lifestyles.




Excitingly we have increased the number of lunchtime clubs on offer to the children including cricket and football. We are now working with the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching team who are running 3 extra lunchtime clubs a week with all Year 2 children developing their football skills.




With this, we had a fantastic afternoon when we hosted an inter-School Football Tournament with another local infant school.

"A huge well done to our fantastic footballers! We played lots of 5 a side games against another Infant school. All of the children from both schools were superbly behaved and we had a fantastic afternoon. We won some games, drew some games and lost a few. Well done to all!!" 


The impact of this funding has raised participation in PE and sport and it has also improved the quality and resourcing of PE provision through the use of specialist providers.

Impact of PE Funding at Shakespeare Infant School 2015/2016

Increased participation in PE

We took part in the Journey to Rio Challenge on the run up to the Summer Olympic Games. Based on the ‘Golden Mile’ concept which is about rewarding personal achievement and encouraging pupils to partake in daily physical activity, the journey to Rio challenged the children to walk/jog the distance from Eastleigh to Rio over the second part of the Summer term as part of the build-up to the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The children were extremely motivated and keen to walk/jog the 'distance' to Rio. It raised children's awareness of keeping fit and healthy.

Increased involvement is Inter-School Competitions

Football Festival

We hosted a football tournament. Three other local schools joined us. Matt Le Tissier coaches referred the games. Two teams represented Shakespeare. All teams played brilliantly. All children showed great respect by shaking their competitor’s hands at the end of each match. 

Hockey Festival

We took two hockey teams to a Hockey Festival at Wyvern with three local Schools.  All the children played amazingly well. We won some games, drew some and lost some. We had a super afternoon where all children were beautifully behaved and showed respect and support to the other teams. 

Multi-Skills Afternoon

We took 20 Year 2 children to a fantastic Multi-Skills afternoon at a local Infants School. The children were put into mixed school teams. They took part in lots of activities and tried to score the most points for their team.