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July 2014


We welcomed Iain Macfarlane to the governing committee.  Iain is Priest in charge of St Peters Church.   The governors expressed their thanks to Patrick McEvoy for his input during his time at the school and thanked all the staff for their hard work this year.

We are pleased with the amazing achievements made by the children. We noticed that boys and girls have similar attainment.  We are pleased with the improvements children are making with their handwriting since the scheme began and the children are proud of their newly awarded pencils or pens. Attendance has been better this summer term and in particular class 2 parents have done well to ensure children are in school.

The last inset day focused on subject leader training. Each teacher has a lead subject that they are responsible for within the school.  This is particularly important with the new National Curriculum which begins this September.  We discussed how teachers plan to develop children's skills under the new curriculum and how this would help us to understand the progression children are making.

Also starting this Autumn are the universal school meals. The meal trial went well in preparation for this. 

Governors agreed some dates for the next school year.  Inset days have been selected.  The days depend on the availability of the trainers for the staff and have already been booked. We will share the dates with the junior school but it is not always possible to synchronise. Most of these will be a Friday. Fun day will stay at end of summer term in future. Having a back up day was a good plan this year.

We began to look at the governing body's constitution.  We will look to adopt the official new constitution from next September which allows us more flexibility in appointing new governors in future and more opportunity to approach people who have the skills required to help improve the team and support the school.


Written by Heather Mballa