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Learning Policy Statement

Shakespeare Infant School - Learning Policy Statement


The aim of our learning policy is to help children develop to their full potential and make very good progress whilst at our School. 

We believe we can best enable our children to learn by providing them with opportunities to:




  • Enjoy what they do.
  • Feel comfortable about having a go at something new.
  • Enjoy what they do.                                                                               
  • Become literate and numerate.                                 
  • Develop the self confidence enabling them to make choices about their learning.
  • Interact and communicate in a variety of ways and situations.
  • Become aware that they live in a technological age.
  • Develop their natural curiosity about the world, allowing them the time and freedom to explore and investigate their own ideas.                                                                                        
  • Think of others and care for their environment.
  • Be creative and use their imagination.                  
  • Take responsibility for managing their own behaviour.


We believe this can only be achieved within the security of a supportive partnership between home and school ensuring children feel safe and valued as individuals.


Please come to our foyer to view our full teaching for learning policy with photographs showing learning in action at our school.