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Week Beginning 3.12.18


We will be sharing another ORT book as a small group. The children will be reminded how to hold books sensibly, turning pages correctly and using a pointy finger. This week we will be learning to hear and say initial sounds. Can you look through your book and see how many initial sounds you can find.   


We will be revising all set 1 key words.

So far we have learnt the words: Biff, Chip, Kipper, Floppy, I, a, am, is, in, it, mum, dad, and, at, to, the, cat, dog, said, can, big.


We have introduced the handwriting pattern for the letter u and I. The children will be practising it in the morning as part of their morning job. It is really important you at school at 8.45 to enable your child to practise this. This week we are learning to write the letters l and t.


On Tuesday you will go home with an ORT book. Please share this book at home and any other story books you are sharing together and record in your reading diary. The ORT book will be handed back in on Thursday.


Please tick the days you have read that week. The expectation is a minimum of 3 times a week. Please keep the diary in your child's bookbag everyday.  



Days to remember:

Monday - Hand in reading diaries.

Tuesday - ORT books go home.
Thursday - Please bring back ORT reading books and give to a member of staff.



The children will be visiting the Library every week to choose a new book to share with you at home. Please ensure your child's library book is in their bookbag on a Friday in order to change it for a new one.