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Week Beginning 8.10.18


This week we will be sending home books with words in.  Please practise reading the family names: Mum, Dad, Kipper, Floppy, Biff and Chip. We will be teaching the children to use a pointy finger as they read and to point accurately to each word as they read them.  


We will be continuing with 'write dance' which will encourage the children to move in time to music and making marks on paper.


On Tuesday you will go home with an ORT picture book. This is to become familar with talking about stories and holding books correctly. This book will be handed back in on Thursday.


Your child will also receive a school reading diary. These are new and a different layout to ones we have previously use. There is a box for you to write one positive comment for the week to let us know how your child's reading is progressing. Please tick the days you have read that week. The expectation is a minimum of 3 times a week. Please keep the diary in your child's bookbag everyday.  



Days to remember:

Monday - Hand in reading diaries.

Tuesday - ORT books go home.
Thursday - Please bring back ORT reading books and give to a member of staff.



We will visit the library once a week where your child can choose a free book to share and keep for a week. In order to collect a new book the old one must be returned. Your child will change their school library book each week, on the day listed below. Please can you put their library book into their book bag on the appropriate day.


Tuesday - Butterfly class

Wednesday - Bee class

Thursday - Ladybird class