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Week Beginning  2.7.18



This week we will continue to revise all of the Set 3 Key words.

Set 1: I, a, am, is, in, it, mum, dad, and, cat, dog, said, big, can.

Set 2: he, she, me, we, be, look, see, you, went, up, yes, no, go, come, some, my, by.


Set 3 away, day, play, was, for, get, with, they, that, all, of, going, are, put, like, there, this, then.



This week we will be practising the correct joins for the words: with they then this there 


On Tuesday we will be sharing an ORT word book with your child, please practise reading this, talking about the pictures and answering questions. Please write a comment in the reading diary.


In class we will share and discuss the book Billy's Beetle. We will talk about different mini-beasts which we know.





Days to remember:

Monday - Hand in reading diaries.

Tuesday - ORT books go home.
Thursday - Please bring back ORT reading books and give to a member of staff.



Your child will change their school library book each week, on the day listed below. Please can you put their library book into their book bag on the appropriate day.


Monday - Butterfly class

Tuesday - Caterpillar Class

Wednesday - Bee class

Thursday - Ladybird class