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March 2014


How well are our children doing?


At our recent meeting we looked at the school data for the mid year assessments. The children are achieving well and are on track to achieve the targets set. Year 2 are on track to achieve in line or above the standards achieved last year which again were significantly above National results. 


We spent a long time reviewing the School Dashboard Data which is available for all to view on the OFSTED website.  Simply go to the website www.ofsted.gov.uk and search for reports,  enter our school’s name and the dashboard link is on the top right of the screen.


The dashboard data for our school is excellent and shows how the school is closing the attainment gap for our more vulnerable children. It is a testimony of the hard work, very good teaching and engaging curriculum the school offers.  


This is pleasing for governors as we have spent considerable time reviewing how funds are used to support our more vulnerable children.  Governors asked Mrs Skinner about the current year 2 children and how well are our more vulnerable children doing. Mrs Skinner reported they were doing very well and on track for all of the children to achieve Level 2 or above.


You can view the Dashboard data for any school and we spent time comparing our school with other schools to ensure we continue to be a high achieving school.


What’s happening in the curriculum?


School staff have been working hard behind the scenes reviewing the curriculum to ensure we are fully compliant when the new National Curriculum is introduced in September 2014. 

Governors spend time looking at developments and how funds are used to support training and resources. The curriculum across the school is creative, engaging and is offering more opportunities to include parents eg home learning and special events. One of our governors, Heather Mballa, recently visited the school and spent time with Mrs Skinner looking around the school, discussing the curriculum and talking to children.  Governor visits are planned in throughout the year.


How are we, as a Governing Body supporting our school?


Our role as governors is to be a critical friend providing appropriate support and challenge to help the school to continue to improve. Amongst other things we have recently been discussing the following:

  • How and where to allocate funds to support more vulnerable children to close the attainment gap

  • Agreeing to support the funding for Clevertouch screens in Years 1 and at Easter year 2

  • Governors are fully aware of the importance of excellent attendance and the impact this has on children’s progress.We discuss how to continue to improve children’s attendance, reduce leave of absence requests and ensuring consistency of approach across the three local schools. We have recently reviewed absence data and reasons for leave of absence requests.

  • Careful management of and close scrutiny re use of the school’s budget eg management of parental debts owed to the school

  • Supporting staff changes and development

  • Changes to special educational needs policy

  • Longer term strategic plans for the school eg refurbishment of toilet areas


Written by Heather Mballa