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May 2014

We welcomed Sarah Sprack as our new Parent governor. 

We discussed the upcoming events and governors discussed when they would be visiting school.  We are looking forward to fun day and Sarah Sprack  will write a report.

Headteacher's report

New Curriculum

The new national curriculum is coming in for September.  Mrs Skinner shared some good examples of the creative, integrated curriculum. One example involved Year R who have enjoyed a project all about Pirates. The children learned key skills to “graduate” as a Pirate. Pirate Pete came in for their  pirate graduation ceremony


The handwriting challenge is really helping children achieve some beautiful writing whilst nationally it is reported that handwriting standards have dropped.The children love earning their certificates and prizes.


Our local authority support advisor recently visited the school. She met with Mrs Skinner at length and toured the school, looked at children’s books, analysed data and scrutinised the school self -evaluation documentation.   She gave very positive feedback as well as pointers to improve including how to evidence more in the school self- evaluation for an outstanding judgement should the school have an OFSTED inspection.

We discussed that we have got fewer children on free school meals at this time of the year than previously.  So if there are parents who have not let us know then please do as there is more funding for the school for these pupils. The governors will look at some work children have done in the next Standards meeting. The Y2 children have been sitting their SATs assessments this term so we look forward to finding out how well our children are achieving.

Learning Values

Teachers have written stories to reflect the school ‘s learning values. Teachers are noticing how the children are using the characters and the language in their own writing and during daily life in the school. This is very pleasing and very positive for the children.   We would like to encourage parents to read these stories as they are in every class. Miss Bennett gave an example of how the learning values are having such a positive effect; she was impressed by the children from Y2 who stopped playing on the play trail to let YR children have a go. Then the Y2 children helped their younger peers without being asked.  This is one example of how polite and helpful our children are and how the learning values are having an effect.

Theresa Holman has been working to support families across the three local schools and there is another Triple P parenting course starting.   Crestwood will be supporting SIS with their PE through coaching and teaching next academic year.  This is part of their curriculum but will also be really helpful to our children.

Sports funding

Teachers will be looking professional with their new PE kit once it arrives which will raise the profile of healthy living in school and parents will learn to recognise which day children should have their kit in school; particularly the children who use their kit in clubs and take it home.  We were sad to learn that the tennis club will not run as the provider has staffing issues.


Mrs Skinner (Headteacher)  and Mrs Kesterson (Assistant HT)  have been looking at the children’s reading diaries. Overall the report was positive though some children have the opportunity to read widely and regularly at home whilst others do not.  There are colour band charts in the diaries so parents can see what levels children are reading at. We will ensure this is consistent across the year groups. Parent governors asked for parents to have guidance from teachers in the diaries to help support parents with home reading / comments etc. Mrs Kesterson was going to ensure all year groups action this-many already do this.   

Improvements to facilities in school

The toilets are about to have an upgrade-redecoration and new partitions and the sinks will be boxed in.

The new Clevertouch screens  that are currently in Y1 are going to be put into  Y2 for next term.


There are some new staff starting in September, watch this space.  There will be some changes with all the children having free school meals next September and the new dinner team are already in place.   We discussed the logistics this might involve.  There are two trial days next term to ensure systems in the school work well.

Our children continue to achieve better than the national average.  We are pleased that attendance has improved.  So long as children are in school we can watch their achievement grow.  OFSTED  will inspect  attendance data and forms an important part of their judgement of our school. 

Reports from subcommittees

Governors were happy that the budget looks healthy.  We thanked the staff and governors who had been involved in working on this.

Sarah Bain will now chair the General Purpose sub -committee.

Special Educational Needs

There is a document detailing for stakeholders our local offer. This has been discussed with a groups of  parents for their suggestions and feedback.   If there are parents who want to see what the school offers then please see look on the website.

We looked at strategies for helping our children's speech and language and a possible assessment tool to sue on entry into YR.


We are looking forward to welcoming the new children to our SHIP programme and we discussed some minor details taking on board the feedback of parents. We have a comprehensive transition programme in place for all the children involving class vists, visit to the junior school, meetings for parents and of course out comprehensive transition programme for our September entrants.


We nominated a training governor role- Gavin Tulk. We discussed Governing Body  training needs so we can continue to provide support and challenge to enable Mrs Skinner and her team to continue to improve our lovely school.


Written by Heather Mballa