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October 2014


At the start of the new school year we reviewed our roles on the committee.  We accepted Karen Wilmont's resignation and send her thanks for her input here.

Lucy Bennett sadly will be leaving as staff member at half term but we are pleased that she plans to stay as a governor.

We welcomed the decision to promote Mrs Kesterson from Acting Assistant Headteacher to substantive Assistant Headteacher.  We are happy that the new teachers have made a very good start since the beginning of term.

Mrs Skinner explained that she has been reviewing the quality of teaching across the school and is pleased with the very good teaching and progress that is evident.   Staff have been working on developing the learning values from Year R to Year 2.

For teachers to measure progress staff are trialling new ideas for assessing without the traditional national curriculum levels. The aim is to ensure that children understand and master key concepts. 

We are trying to understand the new thinking behind the withdrawal of assessing using national curriculum  levels as governors we need to monitor that children are making expected (or better)  progress.  We watched a presentation by Tim Oates which explains this.


Current Year 2 children will still be assessed using the current levels at the end of this academic year.   Their progress so far looks promising based on their achievements by the end of year 1.  Shakespeare children achieve better than the national average in all areas.   For example the results of the phonics test nationally children achieved 74% and our children achieved 92%.

Staff have also been working on ways of documenting children's progress in non core curriculum areas and have had specialist input in developing key values, such as collaboration, and how children will achieve these skills in each year group.

The new National Curriculum has begun since September and Shakespeare Infants school has developed an exciting programme for the children which both encourages development of the core literacy and numeracy and also opportunity to practice their key values.  This is why parents who have had children in school previously will find that there are lots of refreshingly new projects being studied. 

The governors agreed that the teacher's achievement is excellent and that the children have a broad and balanced curriculum as well as achieving highly in the core subjects.



Written by Heather Mballa