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Religious Education

Religious Education


At Shakespeare Infant School we aim to fulfil the legal requirements for Religious Education in line with the Hampshire County Council syllabus for Religious Education – Living Difference.



Aims of Religious Education


Religious Education should foster in pupils a reflective approach to living and enable and enrich this process through their study of living faiths, acknowledging the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian, and taking account of the other principal religions represented in the country.




  1. To have respect and understanding for Christianity and other faiths.
  2. To experience Bible stories and stories from other faiths.
  3. To experience the Christian culture and other cultures represented in Great Britain.
  4. To know about the importance of festivals in Religious traditions.
  5. Raising questions about the mysteries of life and knowing that there are many different answers.
  6. Raising opportunities for exploring the wonders of the World.
  7. Experiencing important people in Christianity and other faiths.
  8. To explore buildings which have s significance in Christianity and other faiths.
  9. Provide opportunities to express ideas in a variety of ways.
  10. To give children opportunities, within a framework, for discussing right and wrong.


A copy of the full school guidelines are available from the school office.


Parents have the right to withdraw their child/children from Religious Education and Collective Worship - if you wish to do so, please inform the Headteacher.