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Eastleigh Museum 2014









Governor Visit Report


Who: Heather Mballa


Date: Thursday 27th November  2014


Purpose of visit: Report on Year 1 Visit To Eastleigh Museum


Year 1 have been learning about houses from the past and comparing them to their lives today.  I had the pleasure of accompanying one class during their visit to Eastleigh Museum.  We stopped outside the Victorian, terraced houses en route reflecting that at the time of their construction, over a century ago, cars were only just invented so no garages were evident. We counted in twos reading house numbers and we found the 1903 plaque on the wall.

The children listened well to the curator.  They were given three activities to do.  Firstly two sets of matching objects were laid out and examined. One of each pair of pair of items was modern and the other would have been found in their great grandmother's kitchens. Plastic has replaced enamel, metal, glass and wood in many cases as we inspected clothes pegs, biscuit cutters, bowls and bobbins.

Next there were some unusual items to unwrap and examine including a potato ricer and a glass jelly mould. Some items are still used and some now look quite different. Love it or hate it: Marmite still exists though!

Finally the group investigated the mock kitchen and dining room finding an oversize radio, an iron iron,  and rugs on the floor. Most memorable was the contribution from one child who suggested that the mangle in the kitchen was used for making pasta!

It was fantastic to access this facility so nearby without needing to ask for financial contribution. Many of the children plan to return again and find out a bit more about the train exhibit they caught sight of whose industry has shaped the history of Eastleigh town.