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Impact Statement

Pupil Premium Expenditure Impact for the academic year 2020/2021


COVID 19 Statement

Due to the changes to educational provision caused by the COVID-19 pandemic the detail in the 2020-2021 Pupil Premium strategy and it's impact has been subject to review since March 2021. Our use of the funding has been adapted to meet students’ needs as they have arisen, whilst maintaining where possible the principles outlined in this document, and in others related to the PPG.

During the pandemic the following key steps have been taken to ensure that ‘disadvantaged’ pupils’ barriers to learning will continue to be overcome wherever possible:


· Step 1 - Children attended school

· Step 2 - Ensuring children have the correct tools to complete home learning

· Step 3 - Family support through telephone conversations, 1:1 zoom calls and emails


Future versions of the strategy will reflect the changes that have been made.


This school is highly effective at closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children. We use the funding wisely to support academic attainment, providing equality of opportunity eg before and after school clubs and skilled staff to support the children’s needs no matter what they are. We follow 


This has been borne out by our excellent end of year 2 results in the past few years - note 2021 and 2020 KS1 assessments did not take place due to Covid 19 restrictions. To date the percentage of disadvantaged children achieving the expected standard or above in reading, writing and maths is higher than other pupils Nationally  (ie children not eligible for pupil premium funding).  Our children eligible for pupil premium historically have achieved far better that pupil premium children nationally in all subjects.