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During the lunch break the children are cared for by our team of Supervisory Assistants whilst at play and eating their meal.



Children may have a school meal, bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch.  School meals are provided by Hampshire Caterers and are cooked in our own kitchen.


To enable children to have the main course of their choice we operate a colour coded choice system.  Each morning children choose the main course and put their name next to the appropriate colour. All menus and colour charts are in each class. Menus are also available from the School office. 


Meals can be taken on a daily or weekly basis.


All children are entitled to free school meals.



Lunchtime Clubs


Staff generously give their time in the Autumn & Spring term to offer Year 2 children the opportunity to join one of the following lunchtime clubs on a first come first served basis, according to the number of spaces available.  We run a waiting list system if a club is oversubscribed.  Examples include:-


Sewing, Games, Gardening, Library, Drawing & Sketching, IT (IPads) Choir.


After School Clubs


We also offer after School Football skills clubs, Multi Sports club, Dance club, French club, Drama club and Photography club.




Parents may see all statutory information provided by the D.F.E.S. and Hampshire County Council in school on request.  Copies of current school policy documents and the National Curriculum are available to view.  All children’s records and work samples may be seen if a request is made, with notice to the child’s teacher. We fully comply with data protection regulations. Full policy is available upon request.




Children going on school journeys are covered by the County’s insurance policy.  A copy of this policy is available in school.


Charging for School Activities


We try to make sure that all children can take part in school organised activities.  There are a few activities we charge for, these ‘optional extras’ are generally after school hours, eg Film Night. 


However, we do request voluntary contributions towards the cost of events such as educational visits which support and enrich the curriculum. 


If insufficient voluntary contributions are received visits may have to be cancelled.


If parents and families have any concerns about these voluntary contributions they can speak to the Headteacher.