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Monday 16th March 2020 - Coronavirus Information

Monday 16.03.2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you to share with you our contingency planning as it stands today. As things develop and change, we will update as soon as we can via the school’s official Facebook page and a dedicated tab on the school’s website page.

We are all in unchartered waters and as a school community I know we will all work together to support each other.

We can’t stress enough the importance of teaching children to regularly wash their hands. Please ensure this is being taught at home, fingernails are trimmed and clothes regularly washed. Children should be bathed or showered every day. These basic hygiene practices can and do make a difference to reduce the spread of any infectious diseases.


Keeping the school open:

As always the main priority is the health and safety of everyone in our school community. We will endeavour to remain open as long as possible not least to support parents and carers who work in the emergency and public services and whose roles will be pivotal in winning the war against coronavirus. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the school to thank them all. These are difficult times. We will be instructed by the government and things may change whether schools remain open.

We need sufficient staff and resources to remain open safely and it may arise that staff shortages force closure or part closure of the school. We do not know yet how things will pan out. We will keep you informed as soon as we can if things change.

If a partial closure is required we will prioritise that Year 2 stay open as they have SATs in May.

We are aware how difficult it is when schools close or partially close so we will try and support families who work directly in essential services such as the police, army, fire service and the NHS.

Our school dinners are provided by HCS3 and I will be in contact with them today regarding their strategic planning. If they cannot provide school dinners due to staff shortages we will let you know as soon as we can so that you can send your child to school with a packed lunch. For children currently eligible for free school meals we would continue to provide a packed lunch for them should you wish us to.

Please use our official school Facebook page for updates as unofficial Facebook sites are notorious for misinformation which we can all do without in these challenging times.


Self-isolation/feeling unwell:

We are unable to answer individual questions on health so please go to the references points:

Please read the guidance on self -isolation. Anyone in self-isolation should not be out and about at all in any public spaces.

Please call the school as usual if your child is absent for any reasons. We will code absence using the same protocols. If your child is well but you are self-isolating due to other family members showing symptoms then we code the absence as authorised for exceptional reasons (like we do on snow day closures).


Measures in school:

Mr Day and his cleaning team are working hard each day to ensure all high risk areas are thoroughly cleaned. We are reminding children daily of the importance of handwashing and we are applying hand sanitising gel throughout the day.

We will not have whole school assemblies or year group assemblies until further notice. Teachers will undertake class assemblies each day instead.

Midway through the day we will be using anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down table surfaces and door handles.

Please limit the time you are on the school site and avoid close communication with other parents/carers.


Lettings and clubs:

These will continue as normal unless we are told otherwise by the providers.



If you are currently a volunteer in school and you are fit and well we would be grateful if you could be available to support the school in the event of staff shortages notably at lunchtimes. Please let the office know if you would be willing to help in this way.


Parent / teacher meetings:

Parent/ teacher meetings scheduled for next week will be cancelled. We will send home the progress reports which you would have received during the meeting. We will review whether we are able to reschedule these later in the year.


Home learning:

We will post home learning onto the individual year group pages of the website. Follow the children tab,

There is a link to a very good power point for young children all about coronavirus. We will be sharing this with children in school today.


End of project expos for parents and carers:

The end of term expos for Year 1 (Wednesday April 1st) and Year 2 (Tuesday March 31st) are now cancelled.


Year 2 cricket to Ageas bowl (Tuesday March 31st) :

We will not be sending children to this event.


School visits:

We will review whether visits scheduled for next term will take place.

Thank-you to everyone for your support. We must all stay calm and support each other, particularly our more vulnerable citizens. We will get through this together.

Best wishes,