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Monday 7th June 2020

NEWSLETTER  : Thursday June 11th 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you are all well.



The Department for Education recently informed schools that there will be no formal reporting arrangements this year. However we want you to have an update about your child’s progress up until March 20th prior to lockdown.


We will be providing reports which will be emailed to you during the week of July 13th.


It is very important that we have your correct email address. If you need to contact the office re any changes please do so asap. We will not be sending any hard copies home.


There are no end of Year 2 SATs results, year 1 phonics test results or early years’ foundation stage assessments to report.


We will be reporting on your child’s progress up until March 20th, prior to lockdown.


We will not be reporting attendance and absence data but we will be commenting if attendance was an issue which affected a child’s progress leading up to March 20th.



As we will not be having any meetings or visits in school or visits to Shakespeare Junior School or home visits we will be offering other ways to support transition for our children as summarised below.


All information is currently being added onto our website Click the children tab, then classes tab and you will see information for new Year R children and children moving into Years 1 and 2.


Letters will be emailed out to parents of current Year R and Year 1 as well as new entrants from Friday July 10th with regard to your child’s class from September. Children currently in Year 2 will receive correspondence from their new school.


In summary:

New Year R children starting September 2020:

A detailed letter will be sent home to families of children joining September 2020 explaining the transition process for their child. These letters will be emailed from Friday July 3rd once we have finalised the new class lists.


On the website for new entrants:

Welcome information

School tour

A welcome to each class from the class teacher

Information about projects and Tapestry


Children moving into Years 1 and 2:

We have made the decision not to mix up the classes moving from Year R to Year 1 and Year 1 to Year 2 this year.

On the website:

Welcome information

Tour of a Year 1 and Year 2 class

A welcome to each class from the class teacher



We are organising webinars via Zoom for each year group. This will enable year leaders to share with you important information based on the welcome information on the website. You will be able to submit questions should you wish to. Details about joining the webinar meetings will be on your child’s class information letter which will be emailed out to you from week beginning Monday June 29th .


Webinar dates and times:

Monday July 13th at 6pm : new YR children


Tuesday July 14th at 6pm : children moving into Year 1


Wednesday July 15th at 6pm : children moving into Year 2


Children moving from Year 2 to Year 3 at Shakespeare Junior School in September:

Currently we are working with SJS planning for a virtual transition so your child can start SJS with as much information as possible.

We have worked with SJS regarding the Year 3 classes next year. Because our four Year 2 classes are going to become three Year 3 classes next year we have had to mix the children in order to create three Year 3 classes. We have done this based on friendship groups where we can as well as academic and special educational needs information.

SJS are in the process of completing a virtual tour to show the key areas of the school and the Year 3 classrooms. Their new class teacher will be posting a welcome video with lots of information about the upcoming year. This information will be available to all parents and children on the SJS website in the coming weeks.

Mrs Mills (our SENCo) will be working with SJS and families of our more vulnerable children with regard to their transition.

SJS will email Year 2 parents and carers once everything has been organised.

We understand that transition periods can be a particularly worrying time, even more so with the current circumstances.


I will update you each week via the newsletter.


Keep safe.


With best wishes,