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New to Year R September 2021

School Readiness Digital Workshop

Barnados (Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust's Hampshire Healthy Families partner) are running a School Readiness Digital Workshop to help parents prepare for and adjust to school life.


Each one-off session lasts for 1½ hours and will be live and interactive. The session will explore and discover what it really means to be school ready and hopes to address the many questions, feelings and emotions that families may have regarding their child about to start school.


There are a number of sessions being held between now and early July, on different days and times. The sessions are free and are open to any parent or carer of children registered with a Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust Health Visiting Team , but parents wishing to attend do need to book tickets via Eventbrite here:

Admission to Year R (Reception) September 2021


Friday 16 April 2021 is the national notification date for parents who applied on-time for a Year R place for September 2021.


  • If you have any queries regarding your offer, the admissions department at Hampshire County County will be able to assist you.


  • The answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: so you may wish to visit this page, to look here in the first instance.


  • Admissions phone lines will be open between 8:30am and 7:30pm on Friday 16th, Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th April to answer any further queries you may have.


Accepting the Year R offer

  • We will be asking you to confirm your acceptance of the offer of a Year R place at our school by providing  us with evidence of your children's  date of birth and address.


  • It is important that we continue to comply with social distancing requirements and minimise the spread of Covid-19, therefore, please do not visit the school until we invite you to do so. We will contact you with details of all arrangements for accepting evidence.


  • We are hoping that this approach will allow us to manage the process of collecting the evidence in a safe manner.


  • Please note we are closed for the Easter holidays between Friday 2nd April and Sunday 18th April 2021



We are delighted to welcome you to our school!


Click the link above to view our new Year R Tour.

Welcome to Shakespeare Infant School.


My name is Mrs Nikki Wilson and I am the Head Teacher. 



Our school ethos is We Care and that’s a huge part of what we do here. 

We are a three form entry Infant school with big aspirations for the children who come here.  We are guided by our 6 learning values of:





Emotional Intelligence




I want the children who come here to leave as happy, confident individuals who continue to show they care about themselves, others and the community around them, children who are brave enough to continue to be themselves and who are willing to try new things even if it’s a bit scary. 




I’m proud to be the HT of such a caring school.  The children and staff here are so kind, caring and inclusive of each other and it’s a shame you haven’t had the opportunity to feel and see this on a walk around our lovely school. 




I also think our caring ways go even deeper – in the way the staff treat the children and the way the staff treat the parents.  We know that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs to do and we want to support you on that journey and in any way that we can. 


Finally, our Eastleigh community is very important to us.  Being in the Boyatt Wood area that we are, it’s not only a responsibility but an opportunity to reach out to the local community and be a part of it wherever we can.  Our care ethos also fosters a very strong sense of community within our school, none so more than the unprecedented times we find ourselves in today. 



We offer a broad and rich integrated curriculum including the arts, science and sports and as a staff we try to be flexible in our approach and go with the children’s interests and motivations as well. 


If you like what you’ve seen in the video and you think our school might be the perfect fit for your family, take a look at our website and see what you think.



A day in the life of Year R

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