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Free interactive digital 1.5 hour school readiness workshop and a free four week school readiness course (4x1.5 hours)

This is a universal offer open to all families with children of approximately 3-5 years old.

The course and workshop are underpinned by the UNICEF model of the three pillars of school readiness. The workshop focuses on brain development & behaviour; emotional safety; mind-set; communication & language; the importance of play; encouraging independence; routines; practical preparation; partnership with school and the transition journey. Parental expectations and feelings are also explored. The four-week course expands upon these themes and introduces further topics.

Owing to the pandemic this offer is currently digital, via Zoom, and can be booked through Eventbrite. Parents are encouraged to visit the website (as detailed on the fliers) but it is possible to view and book via this direct link to Eventbrite:

Hampshire Healthy Families


The flyer can be found here: