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Newsletter Thursday 3rd September 2020

NEWSLETTER Thursday 3rd September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you are all well and looking forward to your children returning to school.  We cannot wait to see you again albeit at a social distance.  Returning to school is vital for our children’s education, for their wellbeing and for their future ability to learn.  Whilst it is not possible to ensure a totally risk-free environment I want to reassure you that we are undertaking every necessary precaution to balance minimising any risks from coronavirus. 


Please read the following information carefully to help inform you about the plans in place to support your child’s safe return to school from Monday 7th September 2020. 


The full risk assessment and agreed actions is also available on the website under the coronavirus tab. All of our plans have been written and agreed in line with the government guidance and notably the document “Guidance for full opening – school” published August 28th 2020 and has been agreed by staff, governors and the local authority.


As you can appreciate circumstances may change at any time so the plan will be reviewed as and when needed and clearly communicated to you. 




The overarching principle is to reduce the number of contacts between children and staff.


It is accepted that younger children will not be able to maintain social distancing and it is acceptable for them not to distance within their group.


Therefore the children will be in their class of 30 children and this will be their group. These groups will not mix with other groups.


Much of the good practice we have implemented during the lockdown will be



Attendance – from September attendance is once again mandatory for all children. The usual rules on school attendance will apply. This includes parents’ duty to secure that their child attends regularly at school, the schools’ responsibility to record attendance and follow up absence and to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices.

Early bird club and breakfast club resumes from September


  • Both clubs will be open from 8am each day. Early Bird Club (EBC) will be in the music and drama room and sunshine room and Breakfast Club in the hall. These will commence the week beginning Monday September 7th.

  • Following government guidance numbers will have to be strictly limited to 15 in EBC and 15 in Breakfast Club. 

  • All parents that have a space at either club have been contacted

  • Currently we are unable to accommodate all children requiring spaces and we will continue to review this as soon as we can. 

  • Please do not contact us if your child does not get a space, all unsuccessful applications were added to a waiting list.

After school care provision:

  • The provision for after school care has ceased at Crestwood. We have been reviewing provision for this over the summer holidays with an alternative external local provider.  Building up this provision takes time and due care to ensure safeguarding measures, OFSTED endorsement and Covid-19 protective measures are firmly in place. If we are able to offer an ASC we will let you know as soon as possible.  

Parents and children arriving at school:

Until further notice there will be a staggered start time and finish time for
each year group as follows:

  • Children in Year R will arrive at 8.45am and leave at 3.00pm.

  • Year R children will come through the main car park, through the wooden gates by the kitchen to their classroom backdoors. The carpark will be supervised by staff. No traffic movement will be allowed during these times. One of the main gates will be kept closed to prevent traffic coming in or out of the carpark.

  • A separate risk assessment has been published on the website for parents/carers attending the Year R stay and play sessions.  Parents opting to stay for a short period of time MUST wear a face covering at all times and wash their hands when entering and exiting the YR classroom. 

  • Children in Year 1 will arrive at 9.00am and leave at 3.15pm

  • Children in Year 2 will arrive at 8.45am and leave at 3.00pm


  • Year 1 and Year 2 children will come through the usual pedestrian gate to their classes.

  • One adult per child please to minimise numbers of adults on site

  • Adults are not to enter the classrooms

  • Child minders can collect from each class keeping to the outside of the building.

  • The social distancing markers and signage will remain outside to remind parents/carers of the importance of safe distancing.

  • Parent/carers and children will not be allowed to wait in groups outside either entrance. Parents/carers must leave the school site as quickly as possible.

  • Older siblings will not be allowed to drop off or pick up younger siblings unless permission has been agreed with the head teacher and parent

  • Children must be with their parent / carer at all times whilst on the school site. 

  • Most parents / carers won’t need to enter the school building unless they have a pre - arranged appointment or an urgent safeguarding concern.

  • Children who are late must be brought to the main front door so that admin staff can safely admit them.

  • Parents/carers should be encouraged to refrain from using the toilets facilities if at all possible.

  • Parent/teacher meetings in October will be held remotely via Zoom.

Behaviour expectations

We expect our children to abide by the usual schools behaviour policy and we will fully support our children to re-engage with school and with their class and school rules. This is particularly the case when considering restrictions on movement within school and new hygiene rules. 

Our behaviour policy clearly states the consequences for poor behaviour.  Any child who reaches stage 3 and deliberately breaks the rules such as spitting, coughing, running between bubbles or putting other children and staff at risk will be internally excluded and will have time out from their class for a limited period. Parents will be asked to come in to discuss additional safety measures. Persistent disruptive behaviour may lead to a formal exclusion.  School will work closely with parents to provide support and overcome barriers to poor behaviour.   

In school arrangements for the children:

  • Children will return to school following the usual Shakespeare Infant School uniform policy.

  • Uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more than usual, nor do they need to be cleaned using methods which are different from normal however it would be advisable for children to change out of their school uniform once they get home.   

  • The children will stay in their classroom and the only other areas they will access are the toilets, outside and possibly the hall for PE.

  • Classrooms will be set up to limit close contact as much as we can.  It is recognised that young children will not be able to maintain social distancing and are not expected to do so in their class bubbles. 

  • The Year R areas outside the classes, including the indoor areas, will be clearly marked to stop children entering other classes.

  • All children will have their own small zippy bags in class for basic resources such as pencils, crayons. Shared resources will be sterilised and rotated. 

  • School will retain the markings in the corridor areas reminding everyone to keep a safe distance when walking around.

  • Staff will agree new class rules with the children early on focussing on safe bubbles, walking a safe distance from each other, no holding hands, non-contact play, using tissues, and how to wash hands effectively and regularly.

  • Hand washing for 20 seconds with soap is crucial and will continue to be a key part of the day. All children will wash their hands upon entering the school. 

  • Regular use of hand sanitiser will be used throughout the day.

  • The school has purchased a fogging machine to sanitise rooms and communal walkways on a regular basis.

  • Resources will be cleaned/wiped as far as is reasonably possible at the end of each day and before other classes use them.

  • Extra cleaning of the toilets will take place in the middle of the day.

  • Children will be able to bring book bags, PE bags, water bottles and coats/hats into school. Children will be able to take resources from school home (e.g. reading books).


  • Until further notice lunches will be eaten in the classrooms and a full hot menu (bar roasts) will be offered.

  • Special dietary needs will be catered for.

Playtimes will be staggered using the whole site with each class keeping to their allocated area. Classes will not be allowed to mix with other classes.

Listen 2 Me music for Year 2 will resume in the music and drama room, class by class. Resources will be cleaned before the next class use them.

After school activities facilitated by other providers, including Brownies will not resume until the Spring term due to children from multiple classes / schools mixing together.

Y2 lunchtime sports coaches will resume for one Year 2 class each day.  Sports leaders will maintain 2m distance from the children.

Assemblies etc  Until further notice there will be no large gatherings of adults/children e.g. assemblies, sports events. Assemblies will be held in class with individual groups.

PE  Outdoor sports will be prioritised where possible, and the hall will be used if the weather is bad. If equipment is used then it will be cleaned before another class use it.

Library books  Each class will have a collection of 30 books so children can still loan books. These will be quarantined for 72 hours before going back to the library for another class to have.


PPE Children must not wear face masks because, according to government advice, this can be counterproductive and indeed unsafe. Staff will wear PPE when needed e.g. first aid.

Hidden disabilities lanyards must be displayed if there is an expectation for a face covering to be worn. 


  • School recognise that children’s well-being and education will have been affected by the crisis in different ways. The curriculum will be flexible and the school day will be planned taking this into account. There will be a strong emphasis on supporting children to rebuild friendships, respond to issues linked to the coronavirus crisis and support children with their physical and mental well-being as well as addressing their academic learning needs.

  • Gaps in the following areas will be prioritised : phonics,  reading, developing vocabulary, writing and maths

  • RSE – Age appropriate Relationships and Sex Education will be taught from September 2020.  Please see policy for this on the school website. (Parents/Policies/RSE) 

Remote education opportunities will continue to be developed so that in the event of a class or more having to lockdown children can immediately access their education remotely. Google classrooms has been set up to support this.

Volunteers  All current volunteers who have had a break in volunteering of over three months, and this is only due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will not require a DBS re-check.

Education visit and education visitors will not resume until the Spring term due to multiple classes accessing these activities at the same time. Classes will be able to go for walks in the local community.


I hope that this reassures you that we are continually doing all we can for a safe return for all of our children and families in September. I understand many of you will have questions and we will do our very best to answer these queries and share further information with you as and when it becomes available. Please use your class email address or school Facebook page if you have a non-urgent query.   

Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding as your children start or return to Shakespeare Infant School this year. 

Keep safe and looking forward to seeing you.



With best wishes,




Nikki Wilson