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The aim of Shakespeare Infant School library is to provide a wide range of good quality books for information and reading pleasure.  All classes have a timetabled visit to the library once a week where children are allowed to borrow one book at a time. 


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Before your child is allowed to borrow any book, we will send home a letter agreeing to our library policy for parents and carers to complete, to ensure that the library maintains enough high quality books in order to support the school curriculum. 


At the end of the school year, we monitor the number of books loaned, and give certificates to the most frequent borrowers.


Each year, we choose two children from each Year 2 class to be our Junior Librarians.  They have training in order to help other children with any book requirements and to keep the library tidy.  Twice a year, they help our librarian choose a new selection of books from the visiting school mobile library. 


For a more extensive range of books and information, it’s free to join the public library.  Visit them at to find out about the full range of facilities and events.

Our School Library