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Sports Funding Action Plan

How will Shakespeare Infant School be using the additional funding (£17,943) to further improve provision in PE in 2020-21?


2.1. Improving the quality of teaching.

We will continue to employ a specialist team of tennis coaches and multisport coaches to work alongside our Year 2 teachers in a mentoring role for future sustainability. This will help to further improve teachers’ subject knowledge in teaching a range of different skills, enabling teachers to plan and deliver consistently high quality lessons which enable pupils to be active and improve fitness levels.

Cost: £3,120


2.2. After-school Sports Clubs (PP and SEN)

We aim offer free after school sports sessions to disadvantaged pupils and to those pupils with SEN to develop their gross motor/social skills.


We will continue to provide multi skills club after school, free of charge for pupils who need to improve their levels of fitness, or who would benefit from increased opportunities to develop their gross motor/social skills. All clubs will be available at some point of the year to every Year 2 child. We will offer these clubs when and if government guidance permits.

Cost: met by parents/carers and Pupil Premium funding.


2.3. Skipping workshop and skipping rope purchase for each child

All children will take part in a skipping workshop, take part in National Skipping Day 2020 and receive their own skipping rope to use in school to sustain this programme into the next years.

Cost: £1,645


2.4. Twilight training

All teachers will attend afterschool sessions lead by specialists to improve the quality of PE teaching and learning.

Cost: £300


2.5. Scooter Training and Bikeability.

Years 1 and 2 will receive this training in conjunction with the Streets Ahead Programme to promote road safety.

Cost: £1,103


2.6. Lunchtime sports coaching

Continue provision for active playtimes for Y2 through our professional coaches in which children can access such activities as football, hockey and rounders. These activities will align with inter schools competition where all pupils will have the opportunity to compete at in least one competition. (Subject to government coronavirus guidance)

Cost: £4,440


2.7. Professional Development

Develop expertise of staff through external PE training and employ supply teachers when necessary to cover classes to provide this training, which will continue to benefit future cohorts of children.

Cost: £1,900 appx.


2.8. P.E. Equipment Re-stock

Renew basic equipment such as hoops, balls, markers and invest in large playtime resources such as mobile basketball hoops.

Cost: £2,200 appx.



Total cost: £14,708