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Parents Questionnaire 2020 Results


Thank you for responding so quickly to the parent questionnaire.  I appreciate that it was too early for some of our new to Shakespeare Infant School parents to comment on but the responses have given us a baseline on which to work from.

We received 84 out of 256 (33%) responses which has been very helpful.



1) 97% agree that they are proud to belong to the SIS community


  • “Staff are friendly and take the time to really get to know the children, treating them with respect and encouraging them to be individuals.”
  • “The school has an excellent reputation in the community for caring and supportive teaching, with high standards.”


2) 94% agree that their child is enabled to do their very best  and 97% agree that the school successfully meets the different needs.


  • What we will now take action on is that some parents felt they would like more updates on the progress the children are making to ensure the quieter children are not overlooked.
  • “Staff have always gone above and beyond to meet my children’s needs, whether they be medical, educational, pastoral or responding to a particular interest.”


3) 99% agree that staff work hard to help the children to love learning and to do as well as they can and 98% agree that their child is safe at school


  • What we will now take action on is to ensure that parents know which element of safety the children have been learning about e.g. online safety/fire safety/personal safety etc….so that families can support this understanding at home.  The website does give an overview of the curriculum being taught in each year group but we can give a reminder too. 


4) 99% agree that behaviour is good and well managed by all staff  and 91% agree that if they had a concern, they would know exactly who to approach and would feel confident to do so.


  • What we will now take action on is making sure that parents know who to approach and advertise this through the fortnightly bulletin/school website


5) 97% agree that the school responds well to any concerns and 95% agree that the school has tried to involve all members of the school community in order to make pupil attendance as good as it can be


  • “I disagree with any incentive schemes where children are awarded for attendance.  Attendance is very much beyond a child’s control, not a choice e.g. illness or family difficulty.” 
  • School are always emphasising the importance of good attendance at school however it is not as good as it should be.  We appreciate that Covid-19 has and is playing a huge part in this but it must not be seen as an excuse for not attending school.  We do appreciate how this issue can be a bone of contention however part of your parental statutory responsibility is to ensure your children attend school.  


6) 93% agree that they can support and are actively involved in their child’s learning outside of school and 90% feel well informed and included in their child’s education during term time and 87% agree they receive all the information from teachers to support their child’s learning. 


This is obviously an area on which we need to take action on. 

  • We are currently ensuring all parents are confident with using a new style of blended home learning.  Mrs Kesterson has held a step by step guide for Google Classroom via Zoom alongside telephoning individual parents to support with the varying technologies that are at home. Rest assured, that we as staff, are still coming to terms with this new way of working too!  
  • “Covid rules have made talking to the teacher more difficult but we understand how important these rules are.” 
  • Please remember that you can always book a telephone consultation/Zoom meeting with your class teacher if you require further information about your child’s education at SIS. 
  • We are also looking to introduce “Chalk and Talk” where we bullet point some headlines of learning from  the week so you feel informed and have something to chat to your child about as you walk home.  Look out for the information at your classroom door after the half term. 
  • The most popular form of communication from school was the fortnightly bulletin (69%) followed by the school Facebook page (56%).  We are not always the biggest fans of social media but accept this is a popular and sometimes very beneficial form of communication.  



7) Can you identify anything which has improved for you or your child during your time so far at SIS because of something we have done? 


We had 66 comments on this:

  • Good communication
  • Kind and caring staff
  • It’s ok to make mistakes and that everything does not have to be perfect the first time
  • Being able to keep children at school  during this pandemic
  • Drop off and pick up is much smoother
  • Making sure parents wear masks
  • Improvement and use of Woodland area
  • I am  astounded at how far my son has come with reading
  • Having school  lunches has helped our daughter get past a very fussy eating stage
  • Speech support with one to one help
  • After two weeks part time at SIS, our son is like a different boy! He talks about school and is excited to attend
  • Being greeted on the gate every morning


8) Can you identify anything which has got worse for you or your child during your time so far at SIS because of something we have done? 


We had 12 comments on this 


  • Picking up my children, think the system is really poorly run
  • Picking up my child after school,  the queue system is painfully slow
  • I’m not feeling the same teacher connection that we did in YR
  • Pandemic happened!
  • After school club closing at Crestwood has had a significant impact


  • Rest assured, the one way system has caused many a sleepless night!  After many scenarios, many walk-throughs and consultations with staff, this current system will remain for the foreseeable future.
  • Mrs Wilson and Mrs Kesterson have been in  consultation with Rebecca’s , a popular after school club provider in the area and are pleased to say that we will be putting an application in to Ofsted to run wrap around care from SIS.  This is NOT a quick process and can take months to set up with all the rules and regulations that need to be robustly followed.  We will keep you informed on this. 



9) Your comments about the use of Sports Coaches to increase confidence in physical ability and confidence were very useful and we will be passing these onto Pele and Sam. 


  • “My son seems more willing to get out in the garden and go for walks or riding.”
  • “A wider interest in different types of sport.”
  • “My son said he has a new teacher for PE o n a Tuesday and was very positive about it.  He said it was fun.  This is the first time he’s ever mentioned PE so it is definitely having a positive impact.”


10) 95% agree the school  uses its grounds well  for outdoor learning


  • There are plans afoot to replace the pond liner and create a sensory garden in the fenced off area in front of the pond. 


11) 79% agree their child is able to tell them what s/he has been learning about at school.


  • Shocking!  Let’s hope that the “Chalk and Talk” information will support you with this.  Remember to look on the school website for regular up to date information about your year group’s curriculum.
  • Why not reframe the questions you ask them as well.  Instead of “What did you learn today?” ask “What was your favourite thing about your day?  Tell me 3 things that make you laugh/that you were proud of?”


12) Our school logo is “We Care.”  Do we? 


  • “My son’s language is much more thoughtful and kind when he’s been at school.  It’s lovely to hear.”
  • “All the staff and teachers are very caring towards all children.”
  • “YES! It is clear with the attitude of the staff and how you respond to the children and to their families.”
  • “The welcome back balloon on the first day was such a lovely touch.  And the daily joke during lockdown, trying to spread a little smile during the tough times.”
  • “I feel that the SLT are visible and open, they seem to know all the children and have a warm relationship with each child.”
  • “The children show general kindness and good manners to their peers.”
  • “Staff know what to look for - lack of confidence, pale complexion, nervousness, anxiety, stress, hunger etc and encourage children to talk.”
  • “Being contacted several times when our son was off school with his operation to check he was well.” 
  • “It takes a lot of effort to create such a nurturing, caring, friendly, creative and safe learning environment.  Thank you.” 


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