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Governor Visit Report


Who: Sarah Sprack


Date: Wednesday 8 July 2014


Purpose of visit: Class 5 Titanic assembly

I attended Class 5’s “Titanic” assembly on Wednesday 8 July.  It was one of three Yr 1 assemblies taking place that week.  The assembly was a celebration of the children’s learning over the term and to show what they had learnt.


It was an amazing show and the children were superb.  Some of the children had quite a lot of lines to remember and did really well.  They also looked great in their costumes and being dressed up enabled them to really take on the role of their characters.


The performance started with a classroom scene where “pupils” were asking their “teacher” questions about the Titanic.  From their questions, the play was then acted out and we found out the answers.


Questions included:


“Why was she so special?” and “Where did she go?”.  This latter question was answered with the song ‘Titanic sailed from Southampton to New York’ (a song which my son has constantly been singing at home for the past month!).


We learnt there were different classes of passengers on board and the differences in their accommodation and how they were dressed.  We then met Captain Edward John Smith and two of his important passengers, Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews.  We learnt who worked on the ship.  This included stokers who worked in the engine room (‘Pick it up, put it in, phew its really hot!’), maids, waiters, look outs (who were based in the crows nest) and the crew.


The children who were dressed up as workers then danced a wonderful Irish dance.


We then get a re-enactment of the fatal crash of the Titanic with the iceberg, with the children using giant cardboard cut outs.


An on-screen presentation then appears showing the children individually showing their “Titanic” pictures that they had created in class.  All the children were watching the screen and you could tell how thrilled they all were to see themselves on ‘the big screen’!  The Titanic pictures were all excellent.


Next…back to the show and we discover what happened to the different classes of passengers.  We learn that the Captain went down with his ship.

We then learn how the news was reported at the time and that the newspapers got it wrong at first, printing the wrong headlines.  Three newspaper children appear saying “Read all about it! Read all about it” .  The children then shout out their headlines and the rest of the children in the assembly have to say whether the headline was true or false:


‘Carpathia to the rescue!’ – TRUE

‘All saved on Titanic’ – FALSE

‘All died on Titanic’ – FALSE


The assembly then ends with the song ‘Big Blue Ocean’ in which the children sing about what is in the sea (sharks, crabs, shells, fish and so forth).


To conclude


A fantastic assembly and everyone who attended said how marvellous it was.  You could tell the amount of effort that the teaching staff and pupils had put into the show.  In addition, it was lovely to see that Class 6 attended the show and watched from the front.  They sat really nicely throughout the performance.


The children have really embraced the Titanic topic and this showed through their assembly.