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Ukulele Recital 2015









Governor Visit Report


Who: Tony Pearson




Purpose of visit: Year 2 Ukulele recital


School professional working with governor: Jane Skinner



  • As both a parent and a governor, it’s a double pleasure to visit the school to see my own child learning and having fun doing it, but also see a well organized, well mannered and clearly energized group of children proud to perform for their first audience

  • The Ukulele recital was the culmination of hard work by the children and (likely much harder!) their specialized teacher. With direction and collaboration from the teacher, the children executed a range of skills from plucking to strumming, all to the same beat and tune and with the added challenge of singing along – something the late, great BB King confessed he was incapable of.

  • I’m a believer that inclusive and diversified education of this kind is a major step forward (from when I were a lad…) in the British education system. This event was well organized, heart warming fun for parents, children and hopefully teachers alike and I believe adds that hard to name element that accelerates and motivates a child’s development and love of learning.

  • One last thought….very good choice of instrument….I think this may have been a different experience had the chosen tool been the drums….