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Week Beginning 20.4

Hi Year 1.

We hope that you had a great Easter Break!

On this page this week we have a possible timetable for your week, your spellings for the week, links to phonic learning, a PSHE powerpoint to look at with a grown up and details of some great learning in maths you can do. We really want you to keep reading too, remember to log into Bug Club. You can get in touch with your teachers through the blog, or by emailing.

Have fun!

Mrs Hellier, Mrs Ramsdale, Miss McCabe and Miss Esfandiari

Suggested timetable for your week







We have added four spellings for you to practise this week at home.

Ask someone in your family to do a spelling quiz with you on Friday


Try watching and taking part in one of the twinkl tv phonics lessons on You Tube. Choose a phase 3 one - it could be the live one for that day or choose a sound you are unsure of. You might want to have a pencil and paper reading to write down some of the words.



See the picture below for handwriting to copy at home.

The handwriting includes the alternative spellings for the ‘oa’ digraph sound - oa, oe, ow, o-e.

Make sure you sound out the words before you write them so you know what they say. If you aren’t sure of any of the meanings of the words ask a grown up at home to explain them to you.

Don’t forget that your teachers would love to see your work either by email or on the blog!


This week we are going to look at stranger danger and what safer strangers are.

A message for your grown ups

Please go through this powerpoint with your child. Once you have looked at the powerpoint talk to your child about what is the meaning of a stranger.

Within the powerpoint their are some scenarios to talk to your child about. Encourage them to think about what a person should do in those situations.