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Week beginning 11th May

Hi, welcome to this new week.laugh

This week we are going to think about wombats (wow - very exotic!) in english, and look in detail at how numbers are made up during maths - with the help of some of our favourite mini-beasts!

We are going to carry on learning Mr Byrom's dance - with the help of his fab family of course. yes

We have finished science for now, so this week we are moving onto geography. I know that you all loved learning about geography as part of our New Zealand topic, so you will get a chance to show of some of the things you already know and then learn about maps and compasses in more detail.

For this weeks spellings we will be going over contractions again. It is a re-visit, so hopefully you will remember some of it from a couple of months ago!

Finally, we will be looking at how positive thinking can keep you cheerful in PSHE and doing some other cool activities.

Phew! A busy week, but there's a lot of fun to be had. If you need your teacher this week, or would like to show off some of your work then email us at:, ,

or use the blog. We love hearing from you! heart

The timetable and daily plans are just there to help structure your days if you need them - they are only suggestions!

Mrs Shuttleworth, Miss O'Boyle, Mr Byrom and Mrs Johnson