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Week Beginning 1.6

Hi Year 1

We hope you have all had a super half term break! The weather has been fantastic so hopefully you have been able to get out a bit to enjoy the sunshine.

This week we have added some learning to do with the story of the Gruffalo. We want you to think about the character of the Gruffalo and describe what he looks like.

Have a go at some of the maths about measuring and capacity. You could try and go outside and do this with water and cups in the sunshine!

In the afternoons we have got some fun activities linked to the Gruffalo which you can try.

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If you need any support or have any questions please feel free to email or phone the school. If you phone school please ask to speak to Mrs Hellier or Mrs Ramsdale. Please be aware as the Year 1 teachers are supporting the children currently in school they will reply to all emails received but this may take a little longer than before. Thank you for your understanding.


Have fun this week!

Mrs Hellier, Mrs Ramsdale, Miss Esfandiari and Miss McCabe laugh

Weekly Overview




Gruffalo - afternoon activity




Afternoon - Gruffalo walk in the woods


Talk about the different locations that are described in the book, i.e. the deep dark wood, underground house and treetop house. Discuss the different animals that live in each location and ask the children if they have ever been into the woods. What was it like? How did they feel? Go for a walk around the school grounds/ outside, what can you see? What kind of things do you find in the woods? Collect 3 items that you think would be in your wood. Sit in the wood and listen to all of the different sounds, what do you hear? Imagine you are in the story.  Read the Gruffalo story outside.





Afternoon - Design your own habitat for an animal


Looking back on what we did yesterday outside in the wood and the items that you collected. Can you design your own wood for your own creature to live in? What does it look like? What does it have in it? What does it sound like? Where would your creature live?





Afternoon - Gruffalo - design your own imaginary animal


During the story the Gruffalo is described in six different ways: his knobbly knees, his poisonous snout, his sharp fangs, his outward turning toes, his vicious claws and his dangerous spines. First of all see how many of these features the children can remember, then ask the children to draw their version of the Gruffalo.  Ask the children to create their own imaginary animal, remind them of the wood they created for their animal the previous day. What would their animal look like? What kind of food would they eat? What words would you use to describe them?




Afternoon - Gruffalo Drama session


Go through the story and ask the children to re-enact the expressions that they think the animals would have at various points i.e. when the mouse meets the owl for the first time or when the fox sees the mouse with the Gruffalo. You can ask the children to cover their faces and then count to three before you all reveal your expressions. Children pretend to be the different characters in the book and the other children/adults are going to try and guess who you are. The children now have to ask questions to try and work out who you are, about where the animal lives and what it eats, how it feels etc.

Watch Gruffalo on youtube/bbc iplayer