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Week Beginning 18.5

Overview time table


Listen to story George and the Dragon

You will need – A piece of paper and a pencil

George and the Dragon story – Listen to Miss Browne tell the story and answer questions about the story.





Read Sunflower lifecycle information sheet with an adult. Read the parts you can but if the adults need to read parts to you then that is fine.

When you have read it all work through the questions about the story. Some of them are multiple choice and others you need to write a short sentence. (If you don’t have a printer you can just tell your adult your answer)


Practise your weekly spellings-



Can you put these words into a sentence?




Story map of George and the Dragon

You will need – A piece of paper and a pencil

Recap on the story of George and the Dragon with Miss Browne. Alongside Miss Browne create a story map of what happened in the story.


Making natural paintbrushes

Can you follow the instructions to make your own natural paintbrush?

Once you have made your brush you can either create a picture on paper with paint or use water to ‘paint’ on the ground.


Describing a characters appearance


You will need – A piece of paper, a pencil and your imagination


Use your imagination to think about what your dragon would look like. Step by step you will draw a picture of a dragon and label it using descriptive words.


Shadow pictures

Using a piece of white paper and some toys can you create a shadow picture. Experiment with different toys to make different shapes. As an extra challenge you could track the shadow across the day.


Describing a characters personality

You will need – A piece of paper, a pencil and your labelled picture of your dragon


Describe what your dragon is like. Remember that today we are thinking about the character of the dragon not what it looks like. You will then begin to write your character description – thinking carefully about using describing words.


Making Magic wands

When you are out getting some exercise have a look for a stick that you could use as a magic wand. Think carefully about which stick would be good for a wand – is it straight? Curved? Bumpy? Smooth?


When you get home you can use any craft materials and thread you have to decorate it.


Use your imagination to create your own magic spells!


Writing a character description

You will need – A pencil, your labelled picture and the start of your character description.


Continue your character description using your labelled picture to help you. When you have finished you can check it back through to see if you have used adjectives, capital letters and full stops.




Watch the CBeebies clip – What’s the big idea? – Friends.

Look at the powerpoint on friendship and what a good friend is. Talk to a grown up about what you think makes a good friend. You could then write down what you think makes a good friend.


Mrs Callum has added a video about making a friendship bracelet perhaps you could try making one.