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Week beginning 22nd June

Hello Year 2s.


We can't believe another week has passed. We are very much missing seeing all of your lovely, happy faces around school. We hope that you are all keeping happy, healthy and positive. Keep emailing us over the week to keep us up to date with what you are doing.

We hope that you are enjoying the home-learning that we are providing. This week in English you will get to listen to the funny story of Clarice Bean: My Uncle is a Hunkle- By Lauren Child. We do hope that you enjoy it. You will be working on using conjunctions in your writing and using commas to separate items in a list.

In maths this week we've planned for you to do some position and direction work. This is for lessons 1-3. Lesson 4 you will be comparing mass. Then on Friday it is of course the Friday Challenge.

We will also be updating MyMaths, Purple Mash and Bug Club. Have you completed all your books on book club? Then head over to Oxford Owl and sign up for free to access more ebooks. Here's the link to do just that:

We have added a new project booklet for the week, this week its all about Geography and navigation. The booklet is called, 'This way and That way.' We hope that you find something interesting to get stuck into in there. Our personal favourite is drawing a treasure map!!

We have changed up the morning PE sessions, check out the daily plans for the links to some really cool exercise videos. Our personal favourite is 'cross the river', we wonder how creative you will be!

Your spellings this week are more homophones and conjunctions. We have added onto the website some different methods that you could use to practise your spellings.


We hope that you have a fantastic week. As always we would love to hear from you. We might not be able to answer as quickly as we would like as we are in school teaching the Year R children. So if it is urgent be sure to contact the school office.


Bye for now children!

From Mrs Johnson, Miss O'Boyle, Mrs Shuttleworth and Mr Byrom

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Hello All,

If you click the link in the daily plan for the maths video for today it will take you to a measures video. However, we have chosen to do the alternative work 'describing movements'. Therefore, you will need to look on the right hand side of the videos and you will see a box which says 'already covered this content', you will need to click there to see the correct videos.

Or alternatively, the alternative video links are below this message.


Any problems please email:

This Week's choose your own project!


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Methods to help me learn my spellings