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Week beginning 27th April

Hello, welcome to week 2 of our summer term! This week we have some maths, english, science, spellings and art for you to try out. We really hope you are enjoying the activities and if you get stuck remember you can always email your teacher. 

Have fun! laugh

Weekly plan

This week's english is based on the fantastic book 'Instructions' by Neil Gaimen. It is a fabulous fantasy, and has some wonderful words!

We really hope you enjoy spending time with this amazing text.

This week we are doing more thinking about adding endings (suffixes) to words. This time you will be adding -less and -ly. You've had a lot of practise at adding suffixes, so hopefully you can start to see a pattern!

You might remember that when we add -ly to a word we have made an adverb.

Good luck! smiley