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Week Beginning 4.5

Hello Year 1! I hope you and your families are all still keeping well. What a lot of rain we had last week! I hope our ideas helped to keep you busy and gave you some extra things to do while you were indoors at home.

This week, we have a writing topic based on London. Do you remember when Betsy Butterfly flew to London to visit the Queen? I bet you can remember lots of London facts to help you! Perhaps before you start your writing, you could impress your grown ups by looking up some London sights and telling them what they are called! I bet they'll be so impressed!

In the afternoon, we have planned some art for you. It's one of the Year 1 Team's favourite art topics to teach and we're very sad to not be able to teach it to you ourselves.

It's based on an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. I hope you enjoy it and we would love to see the pieces of art you create. We'll add them all to our Year 1 Art Gallery so we can all see each other's creations.

Weekly overview




This week's spellings are 




Can you put them into a sentence?


Phonics and Handwriting

Frankie and Fred

For this task, have a read through the passage and underline/ highlight or write down any words that you can see that contain

 f      ff   or    ph

How many did you spot?


Commit a story to memory

You will need – a pencil and a piece of paper(folded to make 9 squares)

Practise the phonics words

Practise spellings (either on the video or the ones from the website)

Practise retelling the story and create a story map – step by step with Miss Browne





Using a capital letter for proper nouns

You will need – a pencil and a piece of paper

Practise the phonics words

Practise spellings (either on the video or the ones from the website)

This a grammar lesson focussing on using capital letters for proper nouns such as place names. This will help when writing the story later in the week.


On your daily walk or when you go out in your garden collect a variety of natural materials – sticks, stones, leaves, petals…

Remember not to take parts of plants that are still growing

Experiment with how you can position these on the ground to create pictures and patterns. Take photographs of what you have done so that you can look back on them.


Plan what you would like your final piece to look like – could you draw a picture of what it might look like? Label the different materials you will use.



Begin writing the story

You will need – a pencil, a piece of paper and your story map from Tuesday

Practise the phonics words

Practise spellings (either on the video or the ones from the website)

Looking at your story map you will start writing your story one box at a time. You can either write at the same time as Miss Browne for support or pause the video after each part and write independently.

Make sure you keep the first part of the story safe as you will need it tomorrow!


Creating your piece of art

Look at the photographs of the practises you had yesterday. What did you like about them? Is there anything you would do differently?

Look carefully at your design.

Create your natural sculpture. Remember you can use your design to help you but you might also change it as you go.

Take a photograph when you have finished and email it to your teacher or put it on the blog.



You will need – a pencil, paper, your story map and the first part of your story writing from yesterday

Practise the phonics words

Practise spellings (either on the video or the ones from the website)

Continue through the story map with Miss Browne. As yesterday you can write alongside her or pause it to write independently. Don’t forget you can use your phonics to sound out words – it might not be spelt correctly but you will have done the sounds in the word.

If you need more time pause the video after each part and you can look at her writing on the screen.


When you have a finished give yourself a massive well done!!

Take a photograph of your work or do a video call with someone in your family to show them your amazing work.

Your class teacher would love to see your work too so either email it to us or put it on the blog.

V.E. Day Celebrations

Share the Powerpoint with an adult at home.

Talk to them about what you have found out about VE day and why are celebrating it today.

You could then try one of the fun activities afterwards there is a colouring and also designing a medal.

(If you don’t have printer you can design your own medal without the template)