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Week beginning 6th July

Hello there Year 2s


Welcome to another week of learning.

This week in English we are thinking about the features of non-fiction texts. Mrs Johnson has made a video for you to watch where she shows you some non-fiction pages about animal. Follow our step-by-step plan to create your own non-fiction page about an animal of your choice. At the end of the week we would love to celebrate your non-fiction pages by posting them onto our blogs. Or, alternatively, it would be fantastic if you could post your non-fiction page on your own blog. To find out more about creating your blog account follow this link:

Maths this week is a mixture of temperature and telling the time. If you want to practise your time skills further follow this link to a fantastic resource:


The afternoon projects are all about jumping into Summer with some fun-filled ideas for you to get stuck into. Will you create a water safety poster? Build a summer den or tent? Or go on an observational walk with a sketch pad and do some drawings. Whatever it is you choose to do, please share your amazing efforts with your class teachers. We have been so impressed by the efforts so far!


Near the end of the week Mrs Johnson explains next weeks project- vehicles. Click below to watch the video and start to have a look around the house and save up cardboard and some boxes to make your very own vehicle.


As unfortunately we won't be getting a chance to say goodbye face to face. We are arranging for a virtual goodbye via zoom calls. Please look out for an email from Miss O'Boyle on Monday with the dates and times for your class teacher's zoom call. We hope that you can make the call. You will be offered 2 call times to join. Please simply choose the preferred time for your child and let Miss O'Boyle know you which call your child wishes to attend:


We hope that you have a lovely week.


Take care,


Mrs Johnson, Miss O'Boyle, Mr Byrom and Mrs Shuttleworth


Daily Plans (see for English plans)


Click the link below to watch Mrs Johnson explain the features of a non-fiction page. For a more detailed lesson plan look in the 'daily plans' section.


We are aware that this video is upside down. We are sorry for this inconvenience. If you can watch the video on a tablet, or your phone you will be able to turn it the right way.

Project work- Jump into Summer



Prepare for next week's vehicle making project. Watch the video of Mrs Johnson explaining what you will need to make your very own moving vehicle.

The video link is at the top of this page- enjoy!