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Week beginning 8th June

Hello Year 2,


We hope that you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. Us teachers have been busy as we're back in school with some of the children and key workers' children. We are still here for you though and would love to know how you are getting on with your learning. Maybe you could send us an email? If there is anything you need urgently please don't hesitate to get in touch by ringing the school office. 

This week in English you are going to be using conjunctions in your sentences making them very interesting to read. You will also be reading some traditional tales, we hope that you enjoy them.

In maths you will be looking at fractions.

We have planned for you to do your spellings as usual, some PSHE and learn some French with supermovers!


We hope that you enjoy!

We have also been talking to Shakespeare Junior school and are putting plans in place and will be giving you lots of information very soon to help with your move to the Junior school.

We are missing you all very much.


Keep safe,


Mr Byrom, Miss O'Boyle, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Shuttleworth

Possible Weekly Plans

Maths Update


Hello Year 2,


We have just become aware that the fractions work planned for you this week was available to you in the past weeks so you may have already covered this work. If you have, please see below for the links to the alternative maths videos and worksheets that can be completed instead.

We hope you are all well.


Any problems please contact Miss O'Boyle on:


Project Activities