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Humpty Dumpty and Friends

Our project for the next half term is 'Humpty and Friends'. The children will be introduced to different Nursery Rhymes with a focus on Humpty Dumpty. The children will discover a message from Humpty Dumpty who has ended up hurt in hospital. Each week the children will discover another nursery rhyme and these friends of Humpty all go to visit him in hospital. Humpty Dumpty is discharged from hospital and all of the different nursery rhyme characters visit him for a party. The children will come to school dressed as a Nursery Rhyme character for a special day on Thursday 3rd December 2020. They will need to recite and perform a Nursery Rhyme which will be uploaded on to Tapestry. The children are going to learn how complete a Video Recording so be prepared for a fun and enjoyable half term! 



Miss Jordan, Miss Woolford and Miss Ward. 



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