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Accessibility at Shakespeare Infant School

How accessible is Shakespeare Infant school ( indoors and outdoors)?


• There are regular open days for parents to view the setting and ask relevant questions.

Before starting in year R the school run : SHIP -Shakespeare Induction Programme. This runs for 6 weeks over the summer term and is a good opportunity to get to know the setting.


• The school site is wheelchair accessible with a disabled toilet large enough to accommodate changing. The school is all on one level with ramps at specified fire exits.


• An evacuation plan is kept for any child or adult with a disability.


• The school is equipped with a hearing loop at reception.


•An assessment of an individual’s needs will be undertaken and the relevant professional bodies consulted to ensure the schools facilities and resources match the needs of the individual. For example if a child had a Visual Impairment we would work with the “The Specialist Teacher Advisory Service for children with a visual impairment” A risk assessment under their guidance will ensure the safety of an individual. We would work with the Specialist teacher advisor to ensure equality of access to the school and curriculum.


• Shakespeare Infant has clear communication through its website and weekly newsletters and communicates effectively with all its stakeholders.


•The school website has a facility that will translate all the information available to a variety of languages.


• We liaise with EMTAS (Ethnic minority Achievement Service) who assist us in supporting our families with English as an additional language.


• As an inclusive school all children are included in all parts of the school curriculum and school life. All children would be included on school trips. We will provide the necessary support to ensure that this is successful. A risk assessment is carried out prior to any off site activity to ensure everyone’s health & safety will not be compromised. We ensure the recommended adult to child ratio and will increase this ratio if we feel it would benefit the group. We work in partnership with parents to minimise additional risks .For children who are anxious about change, they are prepared in advance.


•We carry out learning both in classroom and in our extensive school grounds. We have an excellent ratio of LSA’s in school who can support your child with a variety of activities both inside and outside of the classroom.