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How will the school prepare and support my child to join school, transfer to a new school, or transition to the next stage of life?

Shakespeare school has a clear and detailed transition policy.


 At Shakespeare Infant School we pride ourselves on our induction programme ( SHIP) for our new members due to join in September in year R. In the Summer term children and their parents come into school for one session each week. The sessions are an excellent way of helping your child cope with starting school.


• We encourage all new children to visit the school prior to starting when they will be shown around the school. We will prepare a photobook for SEN children or for children where transition will be potentially difficult  to help welcome them to the school.


• For children with SEND we would encourage further visits to assist with the acclimatisation of the new surroundings. If possible, the SENCo would also visit them in their current school or Pre School.


• When children are preparing to leave us for a new school, typically to go to Junior school, we arrange additional visits for children with SEN and those who will find the transition challenging. At our ‘feeder’ junior school, Shakespeare Junior school, we run a carefully prepared induction programme for the Summer term before they start in September.


• Our SENCo runs a programme specifically tailored to aid transition for the more vulnerable pupils and these pupils will have extra visits in addition to the induction programme.


• We liaise closely with Staff when receiving and transferring children to different schools ensuring all relevant paperwork including IEPs is passed on and all needs are discussed and understood.


• If your child has complex needs then an IPA (Inclusion Partnership Agreement) or Statement of SEN / Education Health Care plan (EHC) review will be used as a transition meeting during which we will invite staff from both settings to attend.


•We run induction programmes for children when they are moving year groups. They will visit their new class and staff and have opportunities to get to know the year group staff.

We have IEP meetings at the end of the year to ensure all relevant information is shared with the new teacher and support staff.


•We offer meetings for parents to meet the new year group staff in the Summer term. Here you can find out about the curriculum, trips and activities and ask any questions.