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What support is there?

How will Shakespeare Infants staff support my child?


• Our SENCo oversees all support and progress of any child requiring additional support across the school. She will liaise with any relevant professionals for advise where needed.  


• The class teacher will oversee, plan and work with each child with Special Educational Needs in their class to ensure that progress in every area is made. They will in turn liaise with the SENCo.


•If your child has a Statement of educational needs/ EHC (Education Health Care plan) with dedicated time, a carefully chosen SNA (special needs assistant) will support your child and liaise closely with the class teacher and SENCo. They will have the relevant training and guidance to best support your child.


• There may be a LSA (Learning Support Assistant) working with your child either individually or as part of a group; if this is seen as necessary by the class teacher. The LSA will work under the guidance of the class teacher and the SENCo to provide the best outcomes for your child. The IEP (Individual education plan) or IBMP( Individual behaviour management plan) will indicate the timings and regularity of this support and be shared with you at parent/ teacher meetings.

• An IEP is a document that helps your child’s teacher to plan for your child, target areas of need, and review their progress. IEPs are different for each child and set out what should be taught, how it should be taught and how often. The IEP contains details of short-term targets and strategies for your child, which is different from or additional to those in place for the rest of the group or class. The aim is for any intervention your child receives to help them make double the rate of progress and therefore begin to close the gap between them and their classmates. 

• Our excellent support team of LSA’s have relevant up to date training on interventions and strategies to best meet the needs of your child and the outcomes set on the IEP. They work closely with the SENCo and class teacher to monitor progress against the targets set.


• An IBMP – is a document that helps your child’s teacher to plan for how best to support your child  with any emotional social and emotional difficulties. It will involve thinking about how the environment can be adapted and the teaching of new skills.