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Parental Involvement

 How are parents, carers and young people currently involved in Shakespeare Infant school?

At Shakespeare Infant School we highly value our children’s thoughts and ideas. We value and celebrate each child being able to express their views on all aspects of school life.


Each year a group of 6 children (3 from Year 1 and 3 from Year 2 ) are chosen by their class mates and make up our Children’s Voice group. They meet each half term with Mrs. Skinner and sometimes Governors to talk about ways to improve the school.


• Children discuss their targets for learning on a regular basis with their class teacher.


• Children are encouraged to share their views in a range of ways for example collaborative talk, working with a talk partner, circle times and questionnaires.


• At Shakespeare Infant school we regularly have circle times.  Each member is valued and valuable to the group and each child gets a chance to speak and more importantly a chance to be listened to. Circle time provides an opportunity for children to learn about the effects of their thoughts and feelings on others by having an opportunity to express ‘how it is’ for them rather than believing answers to be either right or wrong.


• If a member of staff  becomes aware of how a child might be feeling they would encourage all children to tell a grown up they trust if they are unhappy about anything.


•Children who have IEPs (Individual Education Plans) discuss and set their targets with their class teacher.


• If your child has an IPA (Inclusion Partnership Agreement) or Statement of SEN/ Education Health Care plan (EHC) their views will be sought before any review meetings. Usually through the presentation of a photo book which they will share at the meeting.


•IEPs, IBMPs, IPAs are all discussed with parents. Usually there will be things parents can do to help with their children’s progress, which will be discussed at the meeting.


How can I get involved and who should I contact?


•By  liaising with the class teacher and SENCo.


•Helping with Home learning projects linked to each topic and weekly maths, spelling and reading homework.


•Attending celebratory events for example: Celebration assemblies, Christmas productions, Fun day and project outcome events.


•Attending parents evenings.


•Helping on school trips.


•Keeping up to date with our web site and weekly news letters and half termly curriculum letters.


•Attending parent workshops and coffee morning events.


•Joining SHINE – SHakespeare INfant Events the schools fund raising committee.