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Art at Shakespeare Infant School

Art is about:

At Shakespeare Infant school we are passionate about providing experiences that all children can access which develop skills, knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of art.  In line with the National Curriculum we believe that art education should ‘engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design’.   



Art at Shakespeare Infant School is experienced as part of our integrated curriculum.  We believe that this approach captivates children’s creativity as the works they produce are related to something familiar that they have been learning about and become intrigued by.   



Across the school we are proud to celebrate and display all of the children’s artwork.  As well as creating a beautiful environment this also provides a platform for children to share different techniques and give each other feedback.  We also invite families in for exhibitions of work allowing children to experience this element of being an artist.  It is lovely to see children’s confidence flourish through this and their sense of accomplishment.  




Art also helps children in our school develop learning behaviours which are also essential in other areas of the curriculum.  One of our learning values which we support children in developing is creativity (represented by Chrissie Caterpillar).  We also encourage children to think (Bertie Bee) critically through evaluating and analysing other artists works.  This allows our learners to make informed judgments about aesthetic as well as practical decisions.



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