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Year R Overview

Year R Curriculum at Shakespeare Infant School

Year R Curriculum Intention

At Shakespeare Infant School, we value every child in Year R being unique and we plan a bespoke curriculum for all. We strongly believe that every child is unique and we plan a meaningful curriculum through engaging and exciting projects, which can been seen in our Curriculum Plan below. We plan our provision through short whole class sessions and group sessions including daily phonics, reading and maths learning time as we want our children to develop skills throughout our school. We promote the love for reading and early language acquisition, from whole class stories to individual reading and library visits. We know that children learn best by being active in their learning, which is why much of our day is planned through children’s interest and enhancements to encourage children to learn through their play. The teachers and LSAs support the children with their language as well as other areas such as their emotional well-being. We value the importance of outdoor learning, in all weathers, allowing the children to take risks and be independent, like Billy the Blackbird and work collaborative, like Horace the Hedgehog. We also teach the children our key Learning Values through our puppets throughout Year R.