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Governor Training Update


Ofsted Inspections can occur at any time with governance being a significant part of the inspection visit. One or two school governors are therefore asked to be present and converse with Inspectors as part of the process. The Inspectors require the governors to demonstrate how the governing board supports the school and challenges the leadership in a relevant and strategic manner. Training is therefore an important part of a governor’s role.


Our ability to function as an effective Governing body is of utmost important and therefore one governor is elected as Training Link Governor, namely Paul Warwick. Paul has held this position for some years and oversees training needs.

Paul ensures that, from the moment they join the governing board, a new governor undertakes a day’s Induction Course with Hampshire Governing Services. Thereafter numerous training courses are expected to be undertaken by governors on each and every aspect of education to increase our knowledge and understanding of school matters.


After attending training programmes, governors send the Training Link Governor their completed feedback forms and Paul then reports back to every Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting, covering courses attended and by whom, key points extrapolated from training, course outcomes and further training needs. Moreover, Paul organises at least one annual training session, with a trainer provided by Hampshire Governor Services, for the whole governing board. This usually occurs of an evening and is held in the school.


To further assist individual governor training needs, at the beginning of each academic year, every governor completes our ‘Governors Skills Audit’. This audit lists the skills that are appropriate for the whole governing body and enables the Training Link Governor to proactively monitor training requirements. Topics cover skills in leadership, data analysis, legal, safeguarding and much more.


Since March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, have made governor training impossible to conduct in person at training centres. Regular training is therefore being conducted virtually with online Webinars provided by Hampshire Governor Services and will continue in this mode for the foreseeable future. To date the training online has proved very successful.


Hopefully the above gives insight into the training we, as governors, undertake. Should anyone require any further information on this, or any other aspects of governance, please contact me through the school.


Dr. Rosemary Reynolds

Chair of Governors.