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Governor Training

When our school has its next Ofsted inspection, some Governors will be required to be available to attend and speak to the inspectors as part of the process. This has always been necessary, the Government and Ofsted make governance an important part of the inspection. Governors will be asked to demonstrate how they support the school and challenge the leadership in a relevant and strategic way.


Skills Matrix

At the beginning of every academic year, each Governor completes a review of our Governors Skills audit. This audit lists the skills that are appropriate for the whole governing body and allows us to monitor proactively training requirements.

Topics cover skills in leadership, data analysis, legal, safeguarding and many, many more. Where needed, we attend training courses provided by Governor Services to plug the gaps in our knowledge and understanding in relation to the school.

Our ability to function as an effective Governing body is of utmost importance therefore, we have appointed a Paul Warwick as our training link governor. Paul reports back to every Full Governing body meeting on training needs and courses attended by each Governor.



As Governors, we have access to and are expected to take part in relevant training when we are able to. In addition to this, once a year we have training for the full Governing body. This is usually held on an evening at school and a trainer from Governor Services comes and delivers the training for us.

I hope I have given you an insight into the training we as Governors undertake, and if there is any further information you require on this, or any other part of governance, please contact me through the school.


Chris Letch

Chair of Governors