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Governor Training

Governor Training 


Ofsted Inspections can occur at any time. Governance is a significant part of an inspection visit and school governors are therefore asked to be present and to meet with Inspectors as part of the process. As governors, we will be asked to demonstrate how we support the school and challenge the leadership in a relevant and strategic manner.


Our ability to function as an effective Governing Body is of utmost importance. Training is therefore important to ensuring to ensure that we have the right skills to support and challenge the leadership. Therefore, one governor is elected as Training Link Governor. In our case, that role sits with the Chair.


I ensure that, from the moment they join the governing board, a new governor undertakes a half-day induction course with Hampshire Governing Services. Thereafter, we as a Governing Body expect that each governor continues to undertake relevant and appropriate training on a continuous basis throughout their term.


After attending training programmes, governors prepare feedback forms to be reported to the Governing Body, covering courses attended and by whom, key points to note from the training, actions to be taken and further training needs. Moreover, I organise at least one annual training session, with a trainer provided by Hampshire Governor Services, for the Governing Body.

To further assist individual governor training needs, at the beginning of each academic year, every governor completes our ‘Governors Skills Audit’. This audit lists the skills that are appropriate for the whole governing body and allows me to proactively monitor training requirements. Topics cover skills in leadership, data analysis, legal, safeguarding and much more.


Hopefully the above gives insight into the training we, as governors, undertake. Should anyone require any further information on this, or any other aspects of governance, please contact me through the school.


Damon Lacey

Chair of Governors