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What training have the staff supporting children with SEND had or are currently having?


•Our Head Teacher and Senior Management regularly attend relevant update meetings to ensure excellence.


Our INCO regularly attends relevant training on SEND and attends INCo update meetings and a local INCO circle group led by the Educational psychology team.


•Subject leaders regularly attend training, update meetings and moderation groups.


•All teachers receive regular updates on good practice to enable quality first teaching.


• Our ELSA as well as a 6 day training programme also receives regular support from the Educational Psychologist every half term.


• Our Speech & Language specialists attend programmes from Speech & Language therapists.


• All of our LSAs have had training in delivering a range of reading and spelling / phonics programmes. This is refreshed and updated regularly and new staff and given a thorough induction.


• If this training is individually attended key information is fed back to the rest of the team at staff meetings.