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Glossary of terms:

Annual review

A yearly review of an Educational Health care Plan


An ongoing process of finding out a child's progress, achievements, strengths and needs.


The ways in which the curriculum and teaching are adapted to meet a range of needs.

Education Health Care Plan

A legal document written by the local authority that sets out a child's needs and the extra help they should get.

Educational Psychologist (EP)

Educational psychologists are trained in psychology, pedagogy and child development. They provide advice, consultation and assessment to schools and other settings.

Health visitor

A qualified nurse with additional training.

Hearing impairment

A loss of hearing, which ranges from profound and permanent deafness to lesser, temporary levels.


A process of educating children within their community.

Learning support assistant (LSA)

A member of staff providing extra support in early years settings and schools.

Mainstream school

A local school, which caters for all children.

National curriculum

This sets out the entitlement to learning for all pupils.

Peer group

Other children of a similar age, interests or abilities.

Personal Plan

A working document setting out the targets and the support to meet special educational needs that is additional to or different from that provided for others.

Sensory impairment    

An impairment of hearing or vision.

Social worker    

A person employed by the local authority, who is trained to provide support and advice for parents and families on social/care issues.

Special educational needs coordinator (INCO)    

The member of staff with responsibility for coordinating special educational provision within a school or early education setting.

Specific learning difficulty

A brain based learning difficulty that manifests in delays in specific areas, including reading and writing.

Speech and language therapist

A person trained to assess and treat speech, language, voice and fluency disorders.

Statutory assessment

A multi-disciplinary assessment of special educational needs, which have not been met by mainstream school.

Transition plan

A plan, written after the annual review held in year nine, drawing together information from different people into a plan for the young person's transition to adult life.

Visual impairment

A loss of vision that ranges from profound through to lower level.