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Children’s Voice



At Shakespeare Infant School we highly value our children’s thoughts and ideas regarding improving our lovely school and its grounds. Our caring Children’s Voice group provides a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have all of their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.


The children in the group are democratically voted for by their class mates at the start of the academic year and are in the Children’s Voice group for the year.


The group meet regularly throughout the year with Headteacher, Mrs Wilson and talk about ways to improve our school. This year we have a big focus on reading for pleasure. 


Mrs Wilson, and sometimes the governors, talk to Children’s Voice about aspects of the school in order to get a child’s perspective and to support school improvement.

A recent example of this is a discussion about how we can promote a love of reading in our school and at home.  The children decided to hold a reading competition and invited both adults and children to send in photographs of themselves reading in a funny place.  



In the airing cupboard!























Reading during a break on the building site






















Reading to the chickens


In the supermarker


In the snow in Russia








The group also thought  of a way in which we can celebrate the parents who come into the school library 4 days a week to read with their children before school and at the end of the school day.  They made the parents a special thank you card and delivered them in person. 


In April 22, the Children's Voice group held a Bedtime Story event. Everyone came back to school in their pyjamas for an hour of story telling, hot chocolate and biscuits! 


"We had another idea to help us read more.  Mrs Wilson has a loud siren noise and when we hear this, we stop what we are doing and have to read something in class for 5 minutes.  The siren makes us jump every time!"  Milly 




The group have also had the opportunity to share their views on the Coronavirus pandemic.