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Children’s Voice

Children’s Voice


At Shakespeare Infant School we highly value our children’s thoughts and ideas regarding improving our lovely school.


With that in mind we have a group of 6 children -3 from Year 1 and 3 from Year 2 who make up our Children’s Voice group.


These children are chosen by their class mates (not the teachers)  at the start of the academic year  and are in the Children’s Voice group for the year.


Children’ Voice meet regularly (approx. twice each half term) with Headteacher  Mrs Skinner  and talk about ways to improve our school.


The group also have an annual budget they can spend and this is discussed within their classes and fed back to the next meeting. Examples include improving toys for privilege time and playtime.


Mrs Skinner and sometimes governors talk to Children’s Voice about aspects of the school in order to get a child’s perspective and support school improvement. A recent example of this is a discussion about behaviour and safety.


We show our appreciation to the children by thanking them and displaying their photographs and names in the foyer.


Mission Christmas 2017- Thank you to everyone who contributed.