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History at Shakespeare Infant School


The new curriculum for Key Stage One focuses on four main areas of history:

Changes within living memory

Significant events beyond living memory

The lives of significant individuals

Significant historical events

Focusing on these four main areas gives children the opportunity to make comparisons between their own lives and begin to understand the changes that have happened through history including local history.

At Shakespeare Infant School we bring history alive through exciting projects that inspire children's curiosity about the past.

We link history to other subjects including literacy, drama and art. We invite theatre groups and visitors from local museums to visit the children at school to bring history to life and to help bring meaning to our projects.










We teach the children to think critically and to ask and answer questions. This helps them to understand the complexity of people's lives and how historical events have shaped our world.




We also arrange trips to our local museum, Sea City in Southampton and HMS Victory in Portsmouth. This field work gives the children first-hand experience of original artefacts and experts who enrich the children's knowledge and understanding.




In Year 1 our work looks like this:

In Year 2 our work looks like this: