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History at Shakespeare Infant School


At Shakespeare Infant School, our broad and balanced curriculum enables pupils to become curious, creative and independent individuals. Through our integrated approach, all pupils are able to access rich and engaging learning opportunities. Our projects are informed by the National Curriculum, enabling us to plan and sequence a high quality History curriculum we can deliver to every child at Shakespeare Infant School. The curriculum focuses on four main areas:


  • Changes within living memory
  • Significant events beyond living memory
  • The lives of significant individuals                                              
  • Significant historical events


Where History is a lead subject, our projects are enhanced by exciting hooks, visits, class exhibitions and performances which enthuse and encourage the children’s learning and bring history to life. Children are taught to think critically and to ask and answer questions. This helps them to understand the complexity of people's lives and how historical events have shaped our world.




The key skills children need to become historians are further embedded through our carefully planned Learning Values. Our History curriculum encourages children to collaborate like Horis Hedgehog, and to be independent, curious thinkers like Billy Blackbird and Bertie Bee. Children are also given opportunities to be creative like Chrissie Caterpillar. The development of these skills in History help children achieve the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed as educated citizens.


Key knowledge and subject specific language is taught alongside these necessary skills to allow children to become passionate, inquisitive historians. Teaching and learning is carefully designed, adapted, reviewed and enhanced to ensure every child succeeds and achieves. 












In Year 1 our work looks like this:

In Year 2 our work looks like this: