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The school sweatshirt is available from Skoolkit in Eastleigh or online from MyClothing uniforms, and other items of school uniform can be bought from any store.


We expect parents to dress their children in the school uniform to promote the school community and sense of belonging. This includes a cardigan or sweatshirt with the school logo. Please ensure your child has a sensible hair cut for school and long hair must be tied back. Mohican/”punk” type hair styles or dramatically patterned hair cuts are strictly NOT allowed.




- Grey or black trousers /shorts


- White / pale blue shirt, or polo shirt


- Navy school logo jumper/sweatshirt


- Blue / White / Grey socks


- Black or Brown school shoes (preferably Velcro)




- Navy or grey pinafore /skirt /trousers


- White or pale blue blouse or polo shirt


- Navy school logo cardigan, jumper or sweatshirt


- Blue / White / Grey socks or tights


- Summer dress, blue and white check or stripes


- Blue, Black or Brown school shoes (only lace up if child can tie by themselves)




- Tee-shirt and shorts preferably blue shorts and white T shirt

- Plimsolls for outside games in late spring, summer and early autumn terms.


  • Please label all items of clothing.


  • A lost property box is held in reception.


  • Please note:

- no jewellery please

- stud earrings only

- suitable flat shoes NO TRAINERS thank you

- no extreme hair styles