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Maths at Shakespeare Infant School


At Shakespeare Infant School we are proud to provide an ambitious, broad and connected maths curriculum from Reception through to Year Two that covers all the content of the National Curriculum. We provide opportunities for our children to develop a love of maths and a curiosity to learn more about maths as they grow. As they move through the school they are given plenty of opportunity to explore maths through creative, practical and fun learning opportunities that are accessible to all of our children. All of our learning is carefully and sequentially planned and tailored towards each child’s needs. Our inclusive curriculum means that all children will as much as possible work on the same topic within a lesson using the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to teaching. We use our learning values of thinking, creativity, collaboration and independence to introduce and learn about different maths areas and strategies.

We aim to give our pupils a solid foundation of knowledge and interest in maths that will equip them to succeed in future education and beyond and be able to positively contribute to our society.