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Break the uniform rules 2024!

Community Week 2024 - we care!

Alpha Laboratories, staff, governors and wonderful volunteers helping to spruce up the grounds - Easter 2024

World Book Day 2024

Throughout the summer holiday, KBM developments fitted the new children's kitchen, generously donated at cost price by Howdens.  It will make such a difference to the cooking and food nutrition curriculum that our children, and their families, will be able to access.  

We're waiting for the new furniture to arrive and then we will have a grand opening!  

The Huff and Puff also had a make over in the summer holidays thanks to two generous donations from Alpha Laboratories.  The bottom half has been replaced with a luxurious artificial grass and the children have loved taking their shoes and socks off and feeling the difference!  The woodland squirrels have been most amusing as they are also getting used to the increased thickness of the surface as they scamper around, somewhat more slowly during the day.